GSB Course List


  • Manuscript Evidence (101, 102, 103): An in-depth study of the doctrines of inspiration and preservation of Scripture (101), followed by a survey of the history of the transmission of the Bible text (102) and its translation into English (103). This course gives the student confidence in the Authorized Version as the English fruit of the process of preservation.
  • Basic Grace Orientation (101, 102, 103): Basic edification in “present truth” is provided in a foundational study of grace truth found in the Book of Romans. Following Paul’s Design for Edification, this course covers the first foundation principle for edification and establishment of believers in the dispensation of grace.
  • Basic Prophecy-program Orientation (101, 102, 103): An overview of the prophetic program of the nation Israel is provided, along with a detailed study of the Book of Daniel.
  • Fundamentals of Bible Study (101, 102): A practical study of the fundamentals of hermeneutics with special emphasis on mid-Acts dispensationalism.
  • Foundations of Culture and Life (102, 103): A detailed study of the four divine institutions for the establishment and orderly maintenance of the human race, along with an introduction to the place of the nation Israel in God’s plan for man.


  • Preparation and Delivery of Sermons (201, 202, 203): A practical study of the art of research and development of sermons with emphasis on expositional messages. Special attention is paid to “delivering the goods” in a clear and plain manner.
  • Basic Grace Orientation (201, 202, 203): Completion of the final three foundation principles of grace edification. These classes complete coverage of Romans. The Corinthian epistles and Galatians are studied in conjunction with this course.
  • Advanced Prophecy-program Orientation (201, 202, 203): A continuation of the prophetic program studies carrying the student through the earthly ministry and message of Christ.
  • O. T. Survey (201, 202): A survey of the message and flow of each O.T. book designed especially to focus on the history and spiritual development of the nation Israel.


  • Ambassadorship (301, 302, 303): A survey of the issues of the work of the ministry. The Pastoral Epistles are also surveyed in this course.
  • Advanced Grace Orientation (301, 302, 303): Continuing to follow Paul’s design for the believer’s edification, advanced grace truth is covered in this detailed study of Ephesians. Philippians and Colossians are studied in conjunction with this course.
  • Church History (301, 302): A detailed study of the history of the true church with special focus on the identifying characteristics of an application of a truly grace-based witness to the contemporaneous scene.
  • Advanced Prophecy-program Orientation (301, 302, 303): A continuation of the prophetic program studies carrying the student through the Book of Acts, with special attention to its transitional nature.